NCAA Tournament 2018: The Men’s Chaos Bracket That Could Actually Happen

You’re going to see a lot of cockamamie ideas for picking brackets—coin flips, mascot fights, jersey colors, etc.—but what about an upset-filled cheap youth nfl jerseys  tournament that could realistically occur?

Following a regular season in which there were 25 instances of an unranked team upsetting an opponent ranked in the Top Five of the AP poll, March Madness could take on a whole new meaning.

Translation: No one is to be trusted.

We won’t waste your time by trying to explain why a No. 16 seed could win the 2018 men’s NCAA tournament. In fact, we have 11 of the 12 teams on youth nfl jerseys cheap  the Nos. 1-3 seed lines at least reaching the second round.680891705a000ffe20a062a28c19192f_crop_exact

But would a tournament without a single No. 1 youth nfl jerseys seed in the Final Four be chaotic enough for you?

How about a No. 5 seed winning it all?

Usually, filling out this bracket requires many leaps of faith. This time around, though, no individual pick feels that shocking. For instance, North Carolina State just lost to Boston College in the ACC tournament, but it wouldn’t be that surprising if a team with wins over Arizona, Duke, North Carolina and Clemson turns around and upsets Kansas in the second round.

And that’s just one example. You could make a compelling case for just about any of nfl youth jerseys the No. 8 or No. 9 seeds to reach the Sweet 16. (Given Alabama’s play in the SEC tournament and the allure of Michael Porter Jr.’s return to Missouri, don’t be surprised if a disproportionate number of people are picking those big upsets.)

If the alleged four best teams aren’t locks against a bunch of squads who spent the past month sweating on the bubble, you best believe it only gets easier to defend upset picks from youth jerseys cheap

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