Top WRs for 2018 NFL Draft

Scouts and general managers have called the 2018 NFL draft class average, but we still have questions. Who is the best overall player? How about the best at each position?

The goal of the NFL Draft 400 series is to figure that out.

The top 400 players were tracked, scouted, graded and ranked, with help from scouting assistants Marshal Miller, Dan Bazal and Jerod Brown. Together, we viewed tape of a minimum of three games per player—the same standard NFL teams use.

Oftentimes, we saw every play from a prospect over the last two years. That led to the grades, rankings and scouting reports you see here.

Players were graded on strengths and weaknesses, with a pro-player comparison added to match the prospect’s style or fit in the pros. The top 400 players will be broken down position by position for easy viewing before the release of a top-400 big board prior to the draft.

In the case of a tie, players were ranked based on their overall grade in our top 400.


—Tall, lanky receiver who can high-point with ease.

—Improved college production over three years with angry new nike nfl jerseys

—Can go off on any given day with big-time playmaking ability.

—Understands leverage and manipulation throughout routes to create separation without elite traits.

—Mental processing to identify zone weakness in motion for easy completions.


—Cut from Washington State and an early entrant into nfl jerseys nike china

—Not an explosive athlete and lacks NFL-caliber athletic traits.

—Boom-or-bust prospect from play to play with inconsistent efforts.

—Thin, lengthy frame is a major concern from a fluidity and nike jersey nfl cheap  play-strength lens.

—Stalls at the line of scrimmage when clear release isn’t given.


Tavares Martin has moldable traits that will encourage a team to bring him in for at least a training camp, but his lack of consistency is a major flag. The locked-in Martin is a quality player who can be a developmental prospect. The checked-out Martin is a locker room issue who can be far more cheap youth nfl jerseys of a headache than his talent is worth. Martin will have to prove that his time at Washington State is behind him and show a commitment to building physically and fundamentally as a receiver.

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